Why Your Cat Avoids Being Held

strange cat behaviors explained

August 22, 2017 | 20,232 Views

Surprisingly, many kitties don't like to be held, and some will only tolerate it for short periods. There's a very good reason for their discomfort in your arms - and it has little to do with you. Plus, the 'I Love You' message that you may not realize your cat is sending you.

This Octopus Can Walk on Land

This Octopus Can Walk on Land

August 22, 2017 | 3,721 Views

Imagine this guy and his creepy tentacles approaching you on your shoreline stroll.

Great Ape Sanctuary Gives New Life to Rescued Apes

ape sanctuary

August 22, 2017 | 2,185 Views

At the Center for Great Apes in Florida, chimpanzees and orangutans rescued from the entertainment industry and research facilities or formerly kept as pets are able to live their lives like apes should - in a natural setting as close to wild as possible. 

One Crucial Thing That Adoption Shelters Can't Tell You

how to introduce a dog to a cat

August 21, 2017 | 16,468 Views

If you're shopping for a new dog at your local shelter, here's something you need to know. Not knowing this detail might endanger certain members of your household or deprive a potential perfect fit a new home. The good news is, this may be changing.

Guy Smiles, Dog Smiles

Guy Smiles, Dog Smiles

August 21, 2017 | 8,491 Views

Showing viewers how his dog smiles back at him cracks this guy up every time!

Without This, You May Be Depriving Your Dog of Comfort

crate training a dog

August 20, 2017 | 21,416 Views

Dogs instinctively do this to help calm their fears and to seek comfort. Yet many owners view it as a form of punishment and shun the idea. If you haven't yet embraced the concept, I invite you to see it with new eyes. Your dog, young or old, will most likely thank you.

Signs That Show Cats Are Scientists

Signs That Show Cats Are Scientists

August 20, 2017 | 5,864 Views

Running water and reflective glass make for very curious cats.

No Wonder Your Pets Love It so Much When You Do This

dietary supplement for pets

August 19, 2017 | 26,923 Views

They not only give a big boost to your pet's longevity. But they can give your pet a new lease on life by nixing some of the pain and symptoms related to aging and diseases. Perhaps even preventing issues from developing in the first place. Do you do this for your pet?

Rescued Farm Animals Love 'Norma's Universe'

Rescued Farm Animals Love 'Norma’s Universe'

August 19, 2017 | 6,700 Views

This woman saves farm animals, and it's easy to see how much they love and trust her.

Do This Several Times a Week to Slash Your Pet's Bacterial Load

pet bath

August 18, 2017 | 29,246 Views

You probably avoid this based on an old wives' tale that completely flies in the face of reality. And your pet is the one that ends up suffering unnecessarily. So do her a big favor – get the current recommendation for this and ease her suffering. She'll lick you in appreciation.

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