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July 28, 2016 - Issue 1324

6 Ways This Simple Kitchen Ingredient Can Do Wonders for Your Dog

July 28, 2016 | 33,460 Views

It can clean your dog's toys in a flash, bathe your pet without getting wet, banish doggy smell in minutes, and even help clean up messes on hard-to-clean surfaces. Get the know-how on using this wondrous material to its maximum for a cleaner, fresher smelling home and pet.

World's Oldest Albatross Hatches Chick at Age 65

July 28, 2016 | 2,779 Views

Wisdom the albatross is the world's oldest known wild bird at 65 years young. Even more astounding, she just hatched her 40th chick and is still actively breeding.

Kitten Climbing a Guy's Leg

July 28, 2016 | 3,423 Views

As a kitten climbs half of a pair of jeans, it doesn't seem to faze the guy wearing them!

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