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TTouch for Animals

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Tellington TTouch

September 05, 2012 | 10,477 views
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By Dr. Becker

In the realm of holistic healing and balancing the mind, body and spirit, I'm a big fan of the Tellington TTouch method.

When I was 14 and apprenticing for my federal wildlife rehabilitator license, my mentor had me learn TTouch to use with the baby mammals that came in orphaned. I saw dramatic improvement in the overall stress level of the animals in my care when I started incorporating TTouch into my rehab efforts.

TTouch is a non-invasive, gentle and positive approach to training companion animals based on cooperation and mutual respect. It can help your pet overcome physical and emotional challenges by instilling trust and confidence. It has the power to reshape an animal's behavior through kindness and understanding.

TTouch gives your pet choices and restores balance to the mind and body.

Tellington TTouch for companion animals can be used to gently and successfully modify negative behaviors such as:

Excessive barking Excitability and nervousness
Inappropriate chewing Pulling while on leash
Jumping up Aggression
Extreme fear and shyness Car sickness
Grooming struggles Age-related challenges


TTouch is also used to speed up healing when there is injury or illness.

The technique was developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, an internationally recognized animal expert.

What TTouch Is and Does

The goal of TTouch is "…to activate the function of the cells and awaken cellular intelligence."

Performing the technique involves making circular movements with your fingers and hands all over your pet's body. Anyone can learn the movements – it's not necessary to understand dog or cat anatomy to be successful. Learning just a few simple TTouches and movements can make a difference for your pet.

And TTouch can be used in conjunction with other therapies and training methods.

The technique uses a combination of touches, lifts and movement exercises to release tension and improve body awareness. TTouch uses bodywork for cats, dogs and other animals, and groundwork exercises (called the Confidence Course) for dogs.

The technique allows your pet to be handled without triggering a fear response. A relaxed animal learns and heals much faster than an anxious, fearful pet.

TTouch gently steers your pet through novel exercises that can alter undesirable habitual behaviors. Posture affects behavior, and it's common for a pet's unwanted behavior to lessen as his posture improves.

TTouch teaches your pet to act rather than simply react.

Video of how TTouch transformed a pitbull named Alf, rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting kennel:

For More Information…

You can learn much more about the Tellington TTouch method at TTouch.com. You can read more about the technique, view videos, or find a practitioner in your area.

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