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Cute Pet Videos

Click on the links below to enjoy these cute and funny pet videos.

Whales Frolic Under the Northern Lights

Published 11-20-2015 12:00 AM

As if the Northern Lights in Norway weren’t mesmerizing enough, this stunning video captures whales frolicking and playing in their shimmering, green luminescence.

Young Cheetah and Puppy Are Best Buds

Published 11-19-2015 12:00 AM

A tiny cheetah whose mom was unable to produce enough milk began failing. When Richmond Zoo began hand-feeding him, he thrived. But then, he needed a friend …

Patient Parrot

Published 11-18-2015 12:00 AM

Sushi the kitten is 6 months old, and fascinated by the parrot’s tail feathers. Quasimoto the parrot is 82, and with the patience that comes with age, waits for an opportunity to give Sushi a taste of...

Albino Dolphin Calf Seen in Monterey Bay

Published 11-17-2015 12:00 AM

With its characteristic long dorsal fin and square head, a Risso’s dolphin appears in Monterey Bay with her albino offspring, a little dolphin calf who seems to be doing well!

Cat's First "Steps" Using Tiny Wheelchair

Published 11-16-2015 12:00 AM

After losing both back legs, a feral kitten survived on his own for nine weeks. When he was rescued, custom wheels were engineered for him, so he could walk unassisted.

Guilty Dog Begs for Forgiveness

Published 11-15-2015 12:00 AM

Like a defendant in court, a remorseful Lab bravely admits his guilt, then pleads the only way he can – by throwing himself at the mercy of his master. Priceless!

How Pets Handle Technology

Published 11-14-2015 12:00 AM

When your pets are intrigued, puzzled, or entertained by technology, all you can do is enjoy the process as you watch their little wheels turning… and laugh!

Hamsters Star in Friends Remake

Published 11-13-2015 12:00 AM

Someone very clever created the perfect hamster digs, using the TV show Friends as a model. Same brick walls, same type of décor, and the Friends theme song for a video!

Your Life... If You Were a Dog

Published 11-12-2015 12:00 AM

You would sleep and eat twice as much, your eyesight wouldn’t be as clear, except at night. You’d be faster, have more teeth, and your best friend would be human!

Baby Sits Down, Cat Bounces Up

Published 11-11-2015 12:00 AM

It’s the law of the trampoline: when somebody bounces down, whoever’s on the other side will get a bounce up, as this cute baby and kitty video demonstrates!

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