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Cute Pet Videos

Click on the links below to enjoy these cute and funny pet videos.

Ecstatic Pup Greets His Master After Two-Year Absence

Published 05-04-2015 12:00 AM

Nathan, gone for two years, is greeted by his dog’s ecstatic yelps, wiggles, and kisses. Nathan can only slide to the floor with a grin and give in to all this puppy love!

Cat and Turtle Play Tag

Published 05-03-2015 12:00 AM

A turtle rounds a pillar and approaches a cat. The cat heads the opposite way and tweaks the turtle’s tail. The turtle turns around and approaches the cat. Repeat!

The Early Pup Gets the Dog!

Published 05-01-2015 12:00 AM

A dog owner thought she would prove how obedient her three pups were. What was revealed, however, was both unexpected and hilarious!

Freya and Loki Investigate the Cat Tree

Published 04-30-2015 12:00 AM

Kitty sisters Freya and Loki are intrigued with their new “treehouse.” A special needs kitty, Freya has Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome (FCKS), but can still climb to the top!

Sweet Little Dog Says ‘I Love You!’

Published 04-29-2015 12:00 AM

Kindred spirits often have their own love language, as demonstrated by the sweet words exchanged between a diminutive pup and her very delighted owner.

Eagle-Cam Provides Incredible Aerial View - BBC

Published 04-28-2015 12:00 AM

Fitted with a tiny but powerful camera, a majestic eagle named Darshan flies from the top of the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalif – revealing an incredible view.

Cute Cats Love Giving Hugs!

Published 04-27-2015 12:00 AM

Some say cats are standoffish and aloof, but these snuggly, affectionate, adorable felines certainly don’t fit that mold!

Cats and Dogs Are the Best Babysitters!

Published 04-26-2015 12:00 AM

Tucking in the blankets, keeping the swing swinging, and showing off so shamelessly that the baby screams with laughter, these pets prove they’re awesome sitters!

"Just Stop It!" Two Cats’ Reactions to Cyber Birds and Fish

Published 04-24-2015 12:00 AM

Scratching the screen incessantly, the first cat can’t stop trying to get the birds and fish; the second cat can’t stop trying to get the first cat to stop scratching the screen!

Home Alone, Pit Bull “Stays”... Sort Of

Published 04-23-2015 12:00 AM

Firsts: alone and out of his crate, Deisel is told to “Stay!” on the couch while his master takes out the trash. But a hidden camera shows him staring longingly out the window.

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