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September 16, 2010 - Issue 48

A Hilarious Trick to Get Your Cat Moving...

September 16, 2010 | 27,264 Views

A superb scheme to move your cat – as successful as taking your pup for a daily walk. However you lure them into action, if your pet is inclined to recline all day and night, it's high time to move them beyond that if you want to slow degeneration...

Is Your Pooch Prone to Scooting?

September 16, 2010 | 44,649 Views

If you own a dog, you’ve probably witnessed the dreaded butt scoot across your living room carpet. Chances are the problem is his anal glands. Kitties can have issues as well, but it’s usually the canine member of the family that is caught dragging his backside through the house.

Adorable Whistling Puppy

September 16, 2010 | 28,090 Views

This lovable pup has learned to whistle before he’s even a year old … and he can carry a tune better than his owner!

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