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December 7, 2010 - Issue 71

How to Tell if Your Pet Needs to Shed Some Pounds

December 7, 2010 | 17,262 Views

So many pets are obese these days that perceptions of body size have become distorted. Here's how to size up your furry friend and if you find they do need to slim down, I've provided some simple steps to help make it easy for you and them...

Pitbull and Kitten in Love

December 7, 2010 | 9,985 Views

A sweet pitbull snuggles up to his true love -- a cat!

Ten Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make

December 7, 2010 | 13,492 Views

If you're owned by a cat, chances are you've made at least one -- and probably several -- of these feline-related faux pas.

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