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September 28, 2010 - Issue 51

One Time You SHOULD Withhold Food from Your Pet…

September 28, 2010 | 96,812 Views

There are times in a pet’s life when it’s for their good to withhold food from them – temporarily. Like when they get this condition. Once you feed them again, give them this. Find out what foods and herbs to have on hand for this almost-certain eventuality in every pet parent’s life…

Caring for Your Pet in a Tough Economy

September 28, 2010 | 7,369 Views

There’s nothing wrong with saving on pet care expenses, as long as you’re not trading more pennies in your pocket for your pet’s quality of life or long-term health outlook.

Tiny Puppy Tackles German Shepherd

September 28, 2010 | 16,150 Views

This spunky pup can’t weigh more than 10 pounds, but he’s not afraid to take on a dog nearly 10 times his size! Good thing they’re only playing …

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