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November 23, 2012 - Issue 319

Why Upgrading Your Pet's Diet is More Important Now than Ever

November 23, 2012 | 18,879 Views

The summer of 2012 in the U.S. Corn Belt provided ideal conditions for two types of mold that infect corn and produce deadly aflatoxins. Why switching your pet now to a more nutritious, corn- and grain-free diet might literally save his life.

Reading Bird Body Language

November 23, 2012 | 5,635 Views

Do you know what it means when a pet bird flares its tail?

7 Steps to Creating Peace Between Feuding Felines

November 23, 2012 | 6,430 Views

Feline territorial aggression is a difficult problem to solve, and often results in rehoming one of the cats to restore peace in the family. Before you take this final, heart-wrenching step, you might want to consider trying this first.

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