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March 28, 2012 - Issue 216

Here’s One Protein Dog and Cat Owners Should Steer Clear Of

March 28, 2012 | 106,144 Views

This plant-based protein in all its many forms is an extremely common ingredient in low quality pet food. It contains phytoestrogens that can disrupt your pet's endocrine system. It contains substances that block absorption of minerals as well as the enzymes required for digestion. It's linked to a variety of GI disturbances, including bloat. It can cause blood sugar spikes, thyroid damage and seizures. Just say no to soy in your pet's food.

Feline Headgear

March 28, 2012 | 17,078 Views

Cats sure can find some strange places to perch!

Is Your Cat the Boss of You?

March 28, 2012 | 26,493 Views

It’s not as strange as it sounds. There are more than a few eight-pound fuzz balls who have taken control of their households. They are kitty CEOs. THEY run the organization … their owner is just another employee to boss around. If this sounds strangely familiar, take heart – help is available. Tell Tiger he’s about to be demoted.

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