AUGUST 1 - 7

Canwi Awareness Week 2021

Improving Pet Health with Nutrition and Wellness

Pets bless us with their companionship and unconditional love. That’s why Mercola Healthy Pets continues to support the research projects of CANWI (Companion Animal Nutrition & Wellness Institute), a non-profit organization focusing on nutrition education and university-based research. CANWI’s unbiased nutrition research will assist in educating the pet food industry about healthier and safer pet foods for our companions, with the goal of enhancing companion animal health and lifespan.


During the upcoming awareness week, CANWI will be sharing what they’ve learned through their pet food research so pet parents can use this new information to provide better nutrition for their own animals.

Dog and cat

I’m very excited to announce that from August 1st to August 7th, when you donate this week, know that we will match up to $100,000 of your contribution to CANWI education fund.

Insight into commercial pet foods: CANWI do better?
Yes, we can!