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September 23, 2021

The Unfortunate Myth of ‘Micro’ Pets
Many unsuspecting individuals fall for breeders' lies about these animals and find themselves in hopelessly impossible situations when their 'micro' pet reaches 150 or as high as 300 pounds. The problem has gotten so bad, an estimated 90% of these animals adopted as pets end up in rescues.

Orphaned, Traumatized Rhino Restored to Health
After losing her mom to poaching, 2-month-old Nandi arrived at The Rhino Orphanage.

September 22, 2021

Is Your Dog a Genius?
Like humans, dogs display individual variances in cognition, and some are capable of truly genius feats. In this study of 40 dogs, researchers discovered that some dogs simply have 'talent.' Your dog didn't make the smart breed list? Don't despair, the smartest dogs don't always make the best pets.

When This Cat Is Ignored: Experiment
In her own quiet way, this cat makes it clear she'd like a little human interaction, please!

September 21, 2021

How Close Are You and Your Cat?
Finally, there's a way to learn more about your relationship and the emotional bond you share with your cat. This 22-question quiz reveals how close and healthy your relationship is with your pet. Is yours co-dependent, friendly or casual - and how well do you both fare when apart?

Protective Dachshund Adopts Baby Duckling
After the hatchling dried under a heat lamp, sweet Loulou stuck close by the tiny duck.

September 20, 2021

These Invisible Critters Can Make Your Dog Insanely Itchy
They're not always visible to the naked eye, but you can see the damage they can cause when the conditions are right - tremendous itching, bald spots, scabbing and skin sores. Before you take the conventional toxic route to treat the condition, consider these other less caustic options.

Can Your Pets Eat Pineapple?
Often added to fruit salads or eaten on its own, this tasty fruit can be added to your list of healthy, natural snacks for your pet. However, it contains a fair amount of sugar, so feed it in moderate amounts.

September 19, 2021

The End of This One-Size-Fits-All Procedure
Much to my delight, a major shift may be happening in the desexing of dogs. Two researchers have published a groundbreaking article providing evidence of the harmful effects - both physical and behavioral - of automatically spaying or neutering every puppy by 6 months of age.

Siamese Cat Is Quite Opinionated!
Pippy is definitely a very opinionated cat! She gives her human 'the riot act' daily!

September 18, 2021

Helping Owners of Deaf Dogs Break Through the Barriers
When our newest Game Changer adopted her first deaf dog, she experienced unexpected challenges. Her dog, Nitro, was super detached and wouldn't even look at her. With so few resources to help, she forged ahead and created her own to help others.

Dog's Reaction to His Own Hotel Room Bed
This dog's response to his hotel bed may be his way of saying, 'Is this all for me?'

September 17, 2021

When Your Dog Barks, What Does She Want You to Know?
Barking is your dog's natural form of communication, and if you listen closely, you may be able to distinguish at least seven different types of barks. Can you 'read' your pup's barks? Here's the secret to silencing an excessive barker if your dog won't stop barking.

Little Kitten Meets (Bigger) Bunny
Kitten: 'He doesn't look like a cat. Whatever he is, does he wanna play? Is he friendly?'

September 16, 2021

Rare Footage Shows How These Marine Mammals Resemble Humans
Using unmanned drones, researchers collected more than 10 hours of footage over a 10-day period. What they observed about these often misunderstood creatures is stunning, as their social interactions eerily resemble those seen in humans and primates.

Busy Dachshund Enjoys His Greek Holiday
Spithas doesn't want to miss a thing on his holiday, so he hits the ground running!

September 15, 2021

How Aware Is Your Dog of His Body?
You're fully aware of your own body, personality, feelings and behaviors, but how true is that for your dog? Find out what researchers discovered when they adapted a test previously used for toddlers and put it to use with a group of 32 dogs.

Tiny Girl Loves Her Big Yellow Cat
As tiny as she is, this baby knows how important it is to be gentle with her cat, Lian.

September 14, 2021

The Disease Every Outdoor Cat Owner Needs to Know About
This rare and serious disease is often fatal, and it's spreading from its origins in Missouri to nearly half the country. Not to be ignored, if your kitty ventures outdoors, know the first signs of infection, as prompt treatment with a specific protocol will give your pet her best chance for survival.

Bunny and Bassett Hound Puppy Play 'Gotcha!'
Bassett hounds may be bunny hunters, but this looks like hide, seek and play chicken!

September 13, 2021

When a Wait-and-See Approach Isn't Worth the Risk
It can sometimes be challenging to know when your dog's symptoms warrant immediate attention, and when you can wait and see if they improve on their own. While certain severe symptoms will move you to action without question, here's some valuable guidance for 10 'gray-area' symptoms.

Are Pears Good for Pets?
Described by Homer as a 'gift of the gods,' this refreshing and delicious fruit offers an array of vitamins and phytochemicals that may help protect your pets from oxidative stress. Here's how to share it with them.

September 12, 2021

7 Signs Your Pet May Have Arthritis
In the US, 14 million dogs and 90% of cats over age 12 have osteoarthritis. Not always due to advancing age, this degenerative disease can seriously affect your pet's comfort and mobility. If you notice one or more of these signs, take action right away. Plus, my favorite natural ways to treat it.

Mimi and Coco, Two Adorable Kittens
Excited to play with his new pal, Mimi, Coco is so adorable trying to get her attention!

September 11, 2021

Gone but Not Forgotten: Remembering the Hero Dogs of 9/11
Nearly 400 search and rescue dogs of various breeds worked up to 16 hours at a time, digging in white-hot rubble, debris, heavy dust and smoke, searching for survivors at Ground Zero. Sadly, it took 10 years to honor the last surviving dogs, but the video of that heartwarming tribute lives on.

Morning Playtime for Westie Puppy and His Big Sister
It's another morning playtime for a pair of scruffy, adorable Westies, Buckley and Lily.

September 10, 2021

Disturbing Trend Raises Red Flag for Hiking With Dogs
If you and your dog enjoy setting out on the trail together, be aware of this alarming news out of Colorado. While the Summit County Rescue Group normally averages about one call every three years, they're seeing a troubling rise in pleas for help.

Gift Giving Is This Cat's Love Language
Igamoo is one of those cats with a love language that involves giving 'eclectic' gifts.

September 9, 2021

12 Reasons to Adopt These Often-Rejected Pets
These once-loved dogs and cats are often the last to find homes and the first to be euthanized. They're typically rejected by prospective adopters for a handful of reasons, but there are at least three times as many reasons to keep an open mind, as one may be the perfect pet for you.

'Look How Happy That Dog Is!'
It's impossible to be unhappy around Meaty, a goofy pit bull with an ever-present grin.

September 8, 2021

Does Your Dog Leak Urine? Avoid These Mistakes
Often confused with other types of urination-related problems, urinary incontinence is in a class by itself, with at least eight potential causes. Not understanding its cause and treating improperly could lead to your pet feeling confused and upset, and worse, at risk for serious consequences.

Cat Named Balam Is an Internet Sensation
Ever since this lovable and talkative cat was adopted, he's taken over the household!

September 7, 2021

10 Terrific Ways to Exercise Kitty, With One Warning
Cats are no different from dogs, humans and other animals in that they require exercise for a healthy body and mind. There are many ways to encourage your cat to be more active, and while one, in theory, may seem like a great way to exercise your cat, it comes with a caveat.

Goose Adopts a Woman and Both Their Lives Are Changed
There's a beautiful park near where this woman lives, and that's where she met Honk.

September 6, 2021

New Season Brings Unique Hazards for Dogs
Labor Day is here, a signal that fall is on its way. And with the change of seasons, cooler or wetter weather can usher in these five canine hazards - One you'd never expect: kid-friendly items that can attract your dog like a moth to a flame, and lead to GI upset and even a blockage.

Is Goat Meat Good for Pets?
It may be considered a 'novel' protein, but this food can actually provide excellent nutrition for dogs and cats - it's even been called the healthiest meat. Here's how to give it as a pet treat or add it to their meals.

September 5, 2021

Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Change in Your Pet's Bark or Meow
You can experience temporary hoarseness or laryngitis with a cold or allergies, but this doesn't happen with dogs and cats. Here's why you need to take any change in your pet's 'voice' seriously.

Trust Works Both Ways for Woman and Feral Kitty
This hissing 'panda cat' was so feral, he needed a socialization course, pronto!

September 4, 2021

Game Changer Helping Animals Feel Understood
Your pet responds to your mood and energy, and if something upsets you, it can lead to confusion in your pet. Here's how today's Game Changer, Shelly Gibbs, helps owners connect with their pets so their animals can feel relieved that they're finally being understood and getting their needs met.

Dog Trying to Drink Shadow Water
Pets can sure be entertaining sometimes, like this pug trying to drink shadow water!

September 3, 2021

The Outstanding Traits of Grumpy, Irritable Dogs
If you share your life with a dog who barks easily, is active and restless, and may even snarl or snap when disturbed, take heart. Grumpy dogs may outperform even-tempered dogs in some of the most challenging situations and important tasks.

Ocean-Loving Cat Is Living the Dream
You'll love Marlin, a fearless, adorable, ocean-loving kitten that pretends he's a dog!

September 2, 2021

This Hidden Lethal Threat Still Haunts Me Two Years Later
A tragic story that could happen to anyone, an owner returned to her home on a Sunday to find her 3-year-old Saint Bernard and 8-year-old Lab mix dead, and her four other dogs stumbling around and vomiting. In their blood was a poisonous substance from a source growing under mulch.

Sweet Life in the Barnyard
The roosters want everyone, including a lovable pit bull, to know who rules the roost.

September 1, 2021

What Are Those Puppy Dog Eyes Trying to Communicate?
There's new proof your dog wants a special relationship with you more than just about anything. And it has stunning - and lovable - implications you won't want to miss out on.

Sleepy Puppy Falls Asleep on the Baby
This cute puppy enjoys watching the baby sleeping, but she's so sleepy herself!