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June 4, 2023

A Pet Parent’s Most Comforting Poem: Who Really Wrote It?
If you've grieved the death of a pet, there's a good chance someone shared this heartwarming poem with you. Written more than 60 years ago, over a dozen people have claimed authorship. The real author, who had no idea it had become a worldwide sensation, has just been identified.

Rescue Cat Knows How to Close the Sale
'She's actively out there engaging customers. She'll sidle up and give you that nudge.'

June 3, 2023

'Crazy Dog Lady' Gets to the Heart of Helping Animals
Walking her pack of 11 rescue pups, Karen Rosenfeld developed a bit of a reputation in her hometown - until she began changing the lives of animals and their humans in the most profound way. Issues aren't always as they seem - the devil's in the detail and the fix is in the detail.

‘He’s Completely Changed the Way I Look at Cats’
Growing up with dogs, Taylor wasn't a fan of cats. This kitty helped change that.

June 2, 2023

1,002-Dog Study Reveals Unique Breed-Specific Behaviors
Have certain traits been favored, and therefore encouraged in different breeds? For example, Golden Retrievers are valued for their dependence on humans, and not so much problem-solving. Here's how 13 different breeds performed in specific problem situations.

Two Kittens Snuggling a German Shepherd Puppy
These kittens might be thinking that if they can't be with their mama, a puppy might do!

June 1, 2023

Can You Feed Lemons to Your Pet?
This yellow citrus fruit is used in many culinary creations, but did you know you can use it for your pet's meals as well? Learn how to offer it to your pet here.