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January 28, 2022

Is Your Dog Happy? Look for These 10 Signs
Where does your dog fall on the happiness scale? From how she holds her body to the appearance of her eyes, the signs of happiness can be found in places and actions you'd never expect.

Dog Helps Fluffy Stray Kitten Feel at Home
A fluffy stray kitten needed lots of TLC, but she also found a friend in the family dog.

January 27, 2022

Finally, Breed Standards Change for This Wildly Popular Dog
This much-loved dog is more likely to be diagnosed with 20 common yet serious health disorders than any other breed, thanks to the deliberate breeding standards forced upon them for years. Now this Kennel Cub is stepping forward to help move this breed towards a healthier profile.

Rescue Dog Teaches Himself How to Skateboard!
Part of a pack of rescue dogs, Brutis was the first to ace some slick skateboard moves!

January 26, 2022

What Can You Do if Your Dog Eats a Penny?
Because of this change that was made to our currency in 1982, swallowing a penny has become a life-and-death situation. Even if your dog doesn't choke on it going down, it's still an ultra-urgent situation that requires an immediate trip to an emergency veterinarian.

Russian Blue Cat Comes When Called
This Russian blue cat enjoys exploring the woods, but comes when his name is called.

January 25, 2022

A Brilliant Way to Save Birds From Roaming Cats
Cats kill between 150 million and 300 million birds a year, contributing to a serious decline in bird populations. Finally, this study has identified a creative way to help put an end to the problem. Try this simple idea with your own cat, and share it with your neighbors to help save the birds.

Skinny Stray Puppy Finds Just the Right People
When a small, skinny stray puppy limped into their lives, they knew they had to help.

January 24, 2022

Mistakes Owners Make When Feeding Their Dogs
Do you follow the feeding guidelines printed on pet food packages? If you are, that's the first mistake you may be making. Over 50% of dogs are either overweight or obese, so it's important to know how much food your pup really needs. Here's how to calculate his daily caloric requirements.

Can You Give Coconut Oil to Your Pets?
A staple in cooking, this healthy oil is becoming more popular for pets thanks to its numerous applications as well. Learn how you can utilize it for your pet.

January 23, 2022

12 Winter Essentials to Help Keep Your Pet Secure
When temperatures dip to their lowest point, as they are now in many regions, how can you make sure your pet stays protected and comfortable? Cold temperatures are just as hard on pets as they are on humans, so be sure you're taking all of these steps to ensure your dog's or cat's well-being.

Stealthy Nocturnal Bear: They Call Him 'Swimmy'
The same stealthy bear is caught on video sneaking into a rec center pool every night.

January 22, 2022

Keeping Cats Healthy: It's All About the Food They Eat
Dr. Fern Slack is the owner and medical director of Uniquely Cats, a feline-only veterinary practice in Boulder, Colorado. The entire staff at Uniquely Cats is passionate about curing and preventing illness cats using species-specific nutrition as the foundation of good health.

Stray and Scared Great Pyrenees Eluded Rescue for a Year
For an entire year, a big, scared but gentle dog eluded rescue and much-needed help.

January 21, 2022

How Your Dog's Food Impacts His Gut
While many dog owners don't think beyond the food bowl when feeding their pet, what you put into that bowl does make a difference in your dog's microbiome and overall health. This 28-day study compared digestibility and effect on microorganisms in the gut among four different types of food.

Ginger Kitty and Shiba Inu Pup Love to Cuddle
Like comfortable slippers, this Shiba Inu and his feline ginger kitty pal are inseparable.

January 20, 2022

Totally Unique Ancient Dog — The Right Pet for You?
Dating back to the great Egyptian, Middle Eastern, African and Southwest Asian civilizations, these ancient dogs make wonderful companions for those who can understand their needs. Discover what makes them so unique - and so lovable.

How a Papa Dog Helped the Pups' Worn Out Mama
This mama pup was being harried by her needy puppies until good ol' dad stepped in!

January 19, 2022

How Hiking Helps Dogs Reconnect With Their (Real) Nature
Those are memories in the making when you hit the trail with your dog, especially when you thoroughly appreciate those fleeting moments of breathing fresh air and surveying nature up close and personal. It can make you both feel better physically, mentally and emotionally, but your pup may connect with his inner 'nature boy' in very similar ways.

Mama Cat Loving on Her 'Mini Me' Kittens
This mama cat chirps and purrs to her 'mini me' kittens as she cuddles and feeds them.

January 18, 2022

The Dos and Don'ts of Dealing With Feline Diarrhea
What causes loose stools in cats? Did you know there are two types? Know when to worry and seek help, and when to tackle it on your own (or do nothing). Avoid this common mistake that can make your kitty's tummy troubles even worse.

The Mysterious Cockatiel Circle Dance
As Coo-san and Goo-san demonstrate, the ways of the cockatiel are very mysterious.

January 17, 2022

Feeling Stressed? This Behavior Could Mean Your Dog Is, Too
Long-term stress levels are often synchronized in dogs and their owners, so if you're feeling stressed, watch out for these telltale signs in your pet. Prolonged stress can shorten your dog's life and make her more vulnerable to disease and infections.

Switch Up Your Pet's Protein Source With This Meat
If you're looking for a novel source of protein and healthy fats for your pet, then you should consider giving them this meat. Find out how to incorporate it into their meals.

January 16, 2022

What Makes Cats Tick?
Carole Wilbourn has long had a passion for understanding why felines do what they do. Comprehending them like no one else, The Cat Therapist unpacks the toughest issues, like litterbox avoidance, aggression and destructiveness, inter-cat hostility and the single cat syndrome.

Three Pups and a Cat in a 'Cuddle Puddle'
When her canine buddies are asleep enough to stop moving around, the cat joins them.

January 15, 2022

The Life-Saving Medication All Cat Owners Need to Know About
Any cat exposed to the feline coronavirus can develop this almost-always fatal viral disease, and until now, it was considered a death sentence. Now there's a cure, however, your veterinarian most likely won't prescribe it. Know where to find it and how to administer it to your cat if needed.

Tiny Playful Kitten
A video camera follows the antics of a very cute, very playful kitten until she tuckers out!

January 14, 2022

Is Your Cat Stressed? Know the Subtle Signs
While some signs of kitty stress are obvious, others can be easy to miss. Enhance your cat's well-being by knowing the surprising symptoms and causes of stress. Take a few minutes now and try this fun game to enrich your pet's life and build his sense of security.

Bicyclists Find Skinny Kitten a Good Home
People bicycling in the middle of nowhere were accosted by a skinny but adorable kitten.

January 13, 2022

Why There's No Such Thing as a Bad Cat
This Cat Behavior Alliance duo has a message for all cat owners - there are no bad cats, and there's a reason for everything your cat does. Whether it's anxiety, aggression or litterbox avoidance, it's only a symptom of an underlying problem and maybe even your cat having too little say in decisions.

Guy Makes a Roomba Chariot for His Cat
When your 18-year-old cat hates walking, loves attention, plus you need a project.

January 12, 2022

Viewing Life Through Your Pet's Eyes
If you could view your cat's environment through his eyes, what would you do differently? This bestselling author of eight books on cat behavior and training - who was actually once advised by her vet to 'just put down her two feuding cats and start over' - offers a wealth of guidance.

Most Requested: Dr. Becker Answers Your Top Cat Questions
During Cat Extravaganza Week, I'm dedicating daily interviews and articles to the special felines in your life. Now it's your turn. Join me LIVE as I answer your most pressing questions about these wonderful, mysterious creatures.

January 11, 2022

5 Ways to Give Your Cat a Home She'll Love
Honoring your kitty's natural instincts and her needs for space and control over her environment are essential for a happy, well-adjusted cat. Especially if yours is a multi-cat household, be sure to check off all five boxes to ensure each member is part of a harmonious, stimulating and fulfilling home.

Opinionated Back Door Cat
The opinions uttered so firmly through his human's back door probably involve food!

January 10, 2022

The Secret to Changing Your Cat’s Behavior
Today we officially kick off Cat Extravaganza Week, dedicated to our feline family members. First up is Marilyn Krieger, aka The Cat Coach, to help you understand why your cat does the things she does, and how to utilize one of her most important senses to mold and reinforce behaviors.

Can You Ace This Cat Quiz?
What's your feline IQ? Understanding why these mysterious creatures do what they do will not only deepen your relationship with your pet, but also ensure your cat has what she needs to thrive.

January 9, 2022

A Fountain of Youth for Your Aging Dog?
Is your pet's cognition and mental alertness starting to fade? There's good news in this recent study of seven- to nine-year-old beagles that showed improved learning ability in over 80% of those supplemented with this antioxidant duo, suggesting it may help slow mitochondrial decay in cells.

Cozy, Romantic Kitty Couple
This cat couple thoroughly enjoys the cozy kitty spaces built just for their together time!

January 8, 2022

Providing Abandoned Senior Dogs a Place to Call Home
Just because a dog grows older doesn't mean she deserves to be thrown away to make space for a younger dog. Sadly, many senior dogs do end up spending their final days in shelters or roaming the streets. This Game Changer decided to take things into her own hands and make a difference.

Veteran and Loyal Dog Save Each Other
Doc is a lover, protector and a faithful service dog for his best friend, David, a veteran.

January 7, 2022

More Reasons to Avoid Pet Store Puppies
In what appears to be an increasing public health threat, this new data confirms why you should steer clear of puppies sold in pet stores - much less consider adopting one. Of these 168 cases of resistant bacterial infections, 88% of patients had contact with a puppy from a pet store.

Cat Loves to Play With Snow
Knowing his cat loved playing in the snow, this guy brought a shovelful of it indoors!

January 6, 2022

The Tricks This Deadly Creature Plays on Humans and Others
The unmistakable sound of this critter is enough to stop you in your tracks, but now researchers have discovered it can change up its sound to play auditory tricks on potential threats - unsuspecting humans included - to make it sound much closer than it actually is.

Cute Lamb Wants To Be Petted
Dogs sometimes insist that you pet them. So do cats. This time it's a little lamb!

January 5, 2022

Improves Digestive Health, Reduces Stress and Anxiety, Too?
Studies keep coming in about the potential benefits this 'wonder' supplement holds for dogs, from improving digestion to higher-quality poop, discouraging pathogenic bacterial growth in the gut and now, most recently, helping to prevent stress-related gastrointestinal upsets.

Enormous Dog Is a Little Jealous of the Puppy
A huge dog gets all cuddly and affectionate when he sees 'dad' hugging a small pup.

January 4, 2022

A Newly Recognized Benefit From the No. 1 Companion Animal
Often this other pet is singled out as being the 'best' option for this group because of the unconditional love they provide, but now researchers realize this pet - the most common companion animal in the US - may play a greater, mutually beneficial role than what was previously thought.

Cat Named Birdie Was Raised Like a Dog
A scruffy, vocal cat with an adorably expressive face was adopted and raised like a dog!

January 3, 2022

Will Your Dog Get Enough Exercise Today?
To help your dog stay happy and healthy, she needs daily exercise even when it's cold outside. This month is dedicated to giving your dog the gift of exercise, to benefit not only your pet, but you, too. Here's how to transform your dog into the perfect walking partner.

Can You Feed Strawberries to Your Pets?
They can be added to smoothies, desserts, pies - and to your pet's food bowl! Not only are these fruits rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, but they also contain a component that may help whiten your pet's teeth for a brighter smile. Find out how to safely give them to your pets.

January 2, 2022

The Often Ignored Annual Test Your Pet Needs
And that's for healthy pets. If your pet is older, or has an existing issue, the test should be done even more frequently. Providing a window into many hidden aspects of your pet's health, this test is an essential part of his or her proactive care.

Cats and Dominos
Someone who has an incredible amount of patience and knows their cats created this!

January 1, 2022

What Will You Do to Improve Your Pet's Health and Happiness?
Are you ready to up your game and take steps to improve and enrich your pet's life in this brand-new year? As you consider your new list of resolutions today, keep your furry companion's physical and mental health in mind with these six actions for 2022.

Here's to a Bright New Year!
Animals feel joy and comfort just like we do, and often remind us that friendship is everything!