Amazing Alternative Pet -- a Hippo

The hippo kills more humans in Africa than any other wild mammal, but you’d never know it from watching this video.

Jessica, the hippo, has taken to a family in South Africa, where she sleeps with the dogs, helps herself to snacks in the kitchen, and gets a nightly massage before heading off to bed.

Having a pet is actually great for your health. Owning a dog, for instance, has been shown to have a significant impact on survival rates in heart attack victims and keep your blood pressure levels in a healthy range.

Owning a pet is also known to:

  • Reduce the risk of asthma in children exposed to pet allergens during the first year of life

  • Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Provide better physical and psychological well-being in community-dwelling older people

I can’t say I’d recommend a hippo as the ideal family pet, but you can certainly see from the family’s faces in this video that they’re thrilled to have Jessica! See this family’s hippo “daughter,” as they call her, for yourself by watching the video. Unbelievable!