Can You Impact Your Pet's Health by Brushing Their Teeth?

pets, teeth, dental healthAs part of Pet Dental Health month, Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc. is co-sponsoring the 15th annual Pets Need Dental Care, Too™ campaign to encourage veterinary health care teams to talk with clients about scheduling regular dental appointments for their pets and to establish an at-home dental-care routine.

Oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem for pets. In addition, 65 percent of dogs with Stage 1 periodontal disease often go untreated because come veterinary teams don't recommend needed treatment options like dental exams, professional dental cleaning and dental X-rays, the company reports.

"Regular preventive dental care includes oral home care by the pet owner and routine professional dental care. The expenses associated with professional dental treatment may be significant.”

To help veterinary health-care teams, Hill's made Pet Dental Health Campaign kits available to veterinary hospitals around the country.

"Hill's is pleased to stand with our dental partners in this continued mission to help pets get the best in oral health," says Janet Donlin, DVM, chief of the veterinary business channel at Hill's Pet Nutrition.

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