What are the Dangers of Mutating Pet Flu Viruses, and Does Your Pet Need a Flu Shot?

On October 20, Fox News reported that dog flu, also known as H3N8, or CIV for Canine Influenza Virus, could be added to the list of illnesses to think about if you’re a dog owner. CIV is reportedly a mutated form of Equine Influenza, or horse flu, and was first discovered about three years ago.

CIV is thought to be mild in most cases with a mortality rate from 1-5 percent. It has already been identified in 30 different states including Florida.

Vets warn it can be tough to identify because its symptoms mimic other canine illnesses like kennel cough. Altamonte Springs, FL veterinarian Dr. Roger Hart says the symptoms can include: runny nose, weepy eyes, cough, bronchitis and even pneumonia.

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