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New Simple Blood Test Can Detect Cancer in ‘Man’s Best Friend’…

Dog blood test can detect cancer in dogs.

A long awaited blood test to detect cancer in dogs has been developed by Canadian company BioCurex.

The test identifies the presence of a universal marker for malignant cell growth, and in trial studies was able to detect 85 percent of a variety of the most common types of cancers in dogs at the standard 95 percent specificity.

The test indicates the likelihood that a malignancy is present with a high degree of accuracy, however, it does not specify the type of cancer, what stage it is at, or if it has spread and metastasized. It can be used to detect cancer cells in all breeds of dogs and mixes.

Veterinary offices will be able to send blood samples either to the developer’s facility directly or to a regional collection center for processing. Results can be expected in about a week.

The cost of the test to pet owners in North America is expected to run $90 - $120 plus shipping.

Similar tests for other companion animals are under development, and BioCurex hopes to have a test for cancers in cats available by the end of this year.

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