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Check This First if Your Cat’s Urine Elimination Habits Seem to Change

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) has compiled the following list of the 15 most common health problems in cats:

1. Lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) 6. Tooth infection requiring extraction 11. Asthma
2. Chronic renal failure 7. Upper respiratory infections 12.Soft tissues injuries/ sprains
3. Skin allergies and infections 8. Ear infection 13. Laceration and bite wounds
4. Hyperthyroidism 9. Eye infection 14. Benign skin growths
5. Diabetes 10. Constipation 15. Gastritis/ vomiting/ diarrhea

VPI extracted this information from a database of over 60,000 insured cats. The average cost per claim for a veterinary visit for the number one problem, lower urinary tract disease, is $260.

Feline dental problems are the most costly to treat, especially when tooth extractions are necessary. The average claim for this procedure is $360.

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