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Antioxidants: The Miracle Nutrient That Can Extend Your Cat’s Life

cat's lifeThe Feline Longevity Study, funded and conducted by a pet food manufacturer, produced exciting results for cat lovers who want to extend the good health and long life of their pets.

The study ran seven and a half years and involved 90 healthy adult cats from the ages of seven to 17.

The kitties were separated into three dietary groups as follows:

  1. Group 1 was fed a commercial "complete and balanced senior diet"
  2. Group 2 was fed the same diet + antioxidants
  3. Group 3 was fed the same diet + antioxidants, oils, and a prebiotic

The cats in the third group showed the following results:

  • Fewer decreases in lean muscle mass
  • Improved body weight, lean body mass, skin thickness and red cell quality
  • Decreased incidence of disease
  • General improvement in quality of life
  • Significantly longer life span

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