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Is it Safe to Fly With Your Pet? Seven Dogs Dead After American Airlines Flight

Pug coming out of his carrierAn investigation is ongoing into the tragic deaths of seven dogs aboard an American Airlines flight traveling from Tulsa, OK to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in early August.

There were 14 dogs in kennels in the cargo bay of the aircraft. When airport workers began unloading the pet carriers after the flight’s arrival in Chicago, they noticed the dogs seemed lethargic. The animals were taken to a veterinarian, where half later died.

American Airlines has established rules for the temperatures at which it is safe for pets to travel. According to CNN.com:

“The airline's website says pets cannot be accepted when the current or forecasted temperature is warmer than 85 degrees at any location on the itinerary.”

The American flight was an hour late leaving Tulsa and arrived in Chicago at shortly before 9:00am. The temperature in Tulsa at 7:00am was reported to be 86 degrees. That would have been the air temperature – not the temperature inside the cargo bay of the plane sitting at the gate.