Animal Shelters Prove How Deadly This Disease Can Be...

Sick as a dogAn animal shelter in Providence, RI, took the drastic step of euthanizing 21 dogs sick with the parvo virus to prevent further spread of the disease. The dogs were all pit bulls.

According to local West Greenwich veterinarian Dana Brown, pit bulls, rottweilers and puppies are particularly susceptible to contracting parvo. “It makes dogs sick and lethargic,” according to Dr. Brown.

WPRI Channel 12 in Providence reports that:

“Parvo is fatal to dogs unless they receive treatment with costly antibiotics. Brown said in a shelter, where resources are limited, euthanizing the dogs is sometimes the best option for protecting other animals.”

In other news, dozens of dogs have recently died of parvo in Milwaukee, an area that hasn’t seen an outbreak of the virus in a very long time.