How to Check Your Pet for Signs of Cancer

woman petting her dogThe American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, the ACVIM Foundation and the Chase Away K9 Cancer campaign are urging dog owners to take 10 minutes on the 14th of each month to check for cancer signs from head to tail.

The 14th was chosen in honor of Chase, a black Labrador retriever born September 14, 1999, who died in 2006 of nasal carcinoma. She hadn’t yet reached her seventh birthday. Chase was the inspiration for Chase Away K9 Cancer.

“One in three dogs will develop cancer,” says Chase’s owner, Cera Reusser. “Early detection may affect treatment and prognosis.”

According to Veterinary Practice News:

“The ACVIM encourages dog owners to keep a record of any growths, watch for unusual behavior and schedule a follow-up exam with a veterinarian if anything suspicious or worrisome is found.”

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