Common Harmful Hamster Treats

pet hamster eatingYou might be surprised to learn that several foods widely considered healthy for people and other pets, are potentially toxic to hamsters.

And since hamsters will sample virtually anything to see if it’s edible, it’s really important not to give your little furry buddy free access to your kitchen countertops, garbage can, or any other area of your home where food is stored, prepared or eaten.

Some foods you should not feed your hamster include:

  1. The leafy green parts of a tomato. These tomato parts are so toxic to hamsters they can be fatal
  2. Meats high in fat
  3. Chocolate or other candy
  4. Junk food (chips, etc.)
  5. Beans and potatoes. These can often lead to a case of hamster diarrhea, which can lead to more serious health issues.
  6. Onions, garlic, peppers. These vegetables can cause stomach irritation.
  7. Almonds. Some almond nut skins may contain naturally occurring acids that are harmful to hamsters.
  8. All citrus fruits. Citrus can be too acidic for hamsters.

NOTE: There is much debate among hamster enthusiasts and few research findings about whether items 5 through 8 on the above list should be avoided in all forms, at all times, for every hamster. My recommendation for novice hamster owners is to err on the side of caution and/or solicit the advice of your veterinarian or other knowledgeable source.

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