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Exotic Bird Enthusiasts Stress Education, Conservation

Girl with her pet cockatoo

The Peninsula Caged Bird Society is one of many bird enthusiast groups across the country dedicated to both conservation and public education efforts.

According to the DailyPress.com:

"As exotics like the spix's macaw and Carolina parakeet disappear or severely dwindle in numbers, bird clubs increasingly raise and donate funds to conservation, rehabilitation and medical research, according to Debbie Wilson, who leads the club's educational programs.

Parrot rescue and rehabilitation programs the Peninsula group supports include Phoenix Landing in North Carolina and the Wilson Parrot Foundation in Maryland."

Debbie Wilson, who leads the club's educational programs says, "Conservation includes keeping bloodlines pure for the future, so we discourage hybridizing."

The Peninsula Caged Bird Society brings their birds for visits with patients at the local VA Hospital, nursing home residents, museum visitors and during school activities.

Their goal is to teach the public that adopting an exotic bird is a lifetime commitment, as many birds live from 30 to 100 years. The decision to acquire a bird requires careful consideration and the ability to make a long-term commitment to meet your pet’s housing, nutritional and socialization needs.

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