What Your Pet Says About You

man with Pet bird

Careerbuilder.com sponsored a recent online survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, to determine trends in pet ownership as it relates to certain professions, annual salaries, and level of job satisfaction. The survey polled a limited sampling of 2,300 full-time employees in the U.S. who are also pet owners.

Survey results indicate that:

  • Employees in top level positions (CEOs or senior vice presidents) are primarily dog owners.
  • Snake and other reptile owners are among the highest paid workers, earning six figure salaries.
  • Bird owners are most likely to be satisfied with their jobs.

When it comes to career choices, the survey revealed some interesting trends:

  • Entertainers, IT professionals, those in the military, nurses and professors are more likely dog owners.
  • Doctors, lab techs, machine operators, personal caretakers and realtors tend to have cats as pets.
  • People working in the financial field, hotel and leisure industry, in farming/fishing/forestry careers, human resources and transportation are more likely to own fish.
  • Editors and writers, engineers, marketing and PR professionals, law enforcement officers and social workers prefer reptiles as pets.
  • Bird owners are found in administrative jobs, advertising, construction and sales.