My Dog Ate WHAT? Top 60 Weirdest Objects Swallowed by Pets

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) received almost 2,000 medical care claims in 2010 for pets that ingested foreign objects.

The following is a list of some of the most unusual items swallowed by a family pet. As you'll see from the list, some pets ingested multiple bizarre objects at or around the same time.

Jellyfish Razor blades
Glue Uncooked rice (1 lb.)
Estrogen patch, make-up brush Wallpaper paste
Tube of denture adhesive Squirrel
Dead poisoned vole Balloon ribbons
Bikini Bird (whole)
Ink pen Butter, sand
Plastic nose from teddy bear Deer antler (partial)
Magnetic purse clasps Extension cord
Baseball Leash, three sticks of butter
Glass Christmas ornament Pin cushion
Hearing aid Portion of wool rug
Bed sheet Tobacco
Box of pencils TV remote control
Popsicle stick 12 coins, 3 arcade tokens
Avocado pit Foot-long sub sandwich
Dental floss Fire log
Coffee filter, coffee grounds Wooden toy train
Fishhook Pine cone
Pain relief tablet, B.B. pellet, highlighter Round chew bone (whole)
Tent door Caulk
Toy squeaker Eye glasses
Watch Money (paper)
16 steel wool pads Oil-soaked dirt
Pseudoephedrine, sponge,
snail poison, tampon
20 cherry pits Rosary crucifix
Light bulb 25 to 30 soiled diapers
Barbeque brush Bath bubble mix
Frisbee Bathtub cleaner, outdoor plants
Jumper cables Duck bone

Fortunately, all the dogs and cats that swallowed the above items made full recoveries.

The same can't be said for their owners' bank accounts, however. VPI policyholders spent almost $3 million in 2010 getting help for pets that swallowed foreign objects.