Why Re-Vaccination is the WORST Reason for Routine Vet Visits…

Pet recieving Veterinary careAccording to a recent Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study, a majority of U.S. pet parents don’t see the need for regular veterinary care for their non-human family members.

A few takeaways from the study:

  • Over 60 percent of dog owners and nearly 70 percent of cat owners are skeptical about the need for routine vet visits.
  • Owners of older animals and cats are especially reluctant to take their pets for vet checkups.
  • Most pet owners are unpleasantly surprised by the cost of veterinary care these days.

According to Veterinary Practice News, the six root causes for declining vet visits are:

  1. Fallout from the current economic climate.
  2. The ability of pet owners to get their animals vaccinated outside the vet’s office at mobile clinics, shelters and pet stores.
  3. Growing use of the Internet to research and find answers when a pet is sick or hurt.
  4. The reluctance of cat owners to deal with a situation of ‘feline resistance’ to vet visits.
  5. A general opinion among pet owners that regular vet checkups are simply unnecessary, especially for older pets and those kept indoors.
  6. The perceived high cost of veterinary care.