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Xylitol: This Toxic Sugar Substitute Could Be in Your Purse, Pocket or Pantry

Xylitol in Gum, and other Common FoodMost dog owners know the sugar substitute xylitol is toxic to their pet.

But many people are unaware of the ever-expanding list of consumable products that contain xylitol. This sweetener is now being added to human vitamins and prescription drugs, including pediatric elixirs once considered safe for dogs.

According to Patty Khuly, DVM, the increasing use of xylitol presents a risk that veterinarians, pharmacists and pet owners must be made aware of.

“I used to recommend Flintstones vitamins for my patients,” says Khuly. "Now I have to caution my clients to stick to pet-only brands and to be very diligent about reading labels."