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Common Conditions in Senior Dogs and How to Treat Them

Common Conditions in Senior Dogs and How to Treat Them

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  • In 2012, Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) policyholders spent over $58 million treating the 10 most common health conditions in pets. The number one reason dogs visited the vet was for allergic dermatitis (allergies). The average cost of a vet visit for an allergic dog was $96.
  • The number two reason for canine vet visits in 2012 was otitis externa (inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal); hot spots came in at number three.
  • Dogs with allergic dermatitis should be transitioned to an anti-inflammatory diet, provided with appropriate supplements, given frequent foot soaks and baths, and their indoor environment should be kept as allergen-free as possible.
  • The best way to help dogs with frequent bouts of otitis externa is to keep the ears free of wax and debris, which for some pets may mean daily cleaning.
  • Dogs that suffer hot spots need to have their wounds carefully and thoroughly treated, and the root cause of the hot spots must be identified and resolved.

Our canine companions are living longer these days, just as we are.

The downside to an increased lifespan is the inevitable age-related health challenges that come along with it.

If you share your life with a furry friend who’s getting up in years, you’re not alone. According to

“Fifty percent of owners share their hearts with pets age 7 or older. Modern veterinary care helps many dogs stay healthy a decade or more, and small dogs sometimes double that and age gracefully well into their twenties.”

It’s very important for your aging dog to see the vet regularly so you can stay on top of any changes in his health. But there are also many things you can do at home for your furry buddy that will help to make his golden years healthy, happy ones.

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