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The Weird, Wonderful, Surprising Ways Your Pet Shows Love for You

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"There's no doubt we love our pets -- but do our cats and dogs love us back? The answer is yes."

Some of the ways pets show they care are easy for us human-types to understand. For example, a wildly wagging tail when your dog greets you at the door is a type of 'sign language' that's easy to understand.

But your cat or dog also shows affection in ways you might not expect. In fact, in ways that might even annoy or offend you!

Your kitty shows she loves you by: Examples of canine devotion:
  • Scratching your belongings
  • Sticking her rear end in your face
  • Rubbing up against your legs
  • Kneading your thighs or stomach
  • Chewing on your belongings
  • Purring
  • Grooming you
  • Leaning and shoving against you
  • Jumping on you
  • Rolling over on his back
  • Chewing on your belongings
  • Crotch sniffing
  • Tail wagging


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