Pfizer to Discontinue ProMeris Flea and Tick Treatment

Flea and Tick TreatmentAccording to a spokesman for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the company will stop distributing ProMeris, a topical flea/tick treatment for dogs and cats, in the fall.

Introduced in 2007, ProMeris was marketed as the first spot-on treatment containing the chemical metaflumizone. ProMeris for Dogs is also used to treat demodectic mange and chewing lice.

A study published in Veterinary Dermatology indicates dogs being treated with ProMeris Duo run the risk of acquiring a variant of the condition pemphigus foliaceus (PF).

According to Pfizer, ProMeris is being discontinued because it doesn’t fit their ‘strategic animal-health portfolio.’ The company has not acknowledged a connection between the PF study results and their decision to discontinue ProMeris.