How Safe is Your Child Around Dogs?

Pet Child SafetyThese are important questions posed by the

  • Does your child love dogs?
  • Does he know which dogs he can play with and which he should not?
  • Does he know what it means if a dog is yawning or if the dog is licking his lips? (Hint: it does not mean the dog is tired or hungry!)
  • Does your child know how to "become a tree" to protect himself from a dog that is threatening or even just overly rambunctious?

The Doggone Safe organization is sponsoring the International Bite Prevention Challenge during the week of May 15 – 21, 2011. The goal of the Challenge is to teach 50,000 children to stay safe around dogs by learning how to determine if a dog is threatening or friendly, and how to avoid injury by using their bodies to 'be a tree.'

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