A Dozen Great Reasons to Adopt Your Next Pet

Pet AdoptionAccording to a survey released by Hartz Mountain Corp., 60 percent of pet owners hope to adopt their next dog or cat from a rescue organization or animal shelter.

Ten percent of those surveyed plan to use a registered breeder, and four percent will go to a pet store.

Survey respondents ranked the qualities of a good pet in order of importance as follows:

  • Personality (65 percent)
  • Loyalty (20 percent)
  • Obedience (11 percent)
  • Other quality (2 percent)
  • Purity of breed (1 percent)

According to Veterinary Practice News:

The report also revealed that nearly half (47 percent) of the respondents said their pet is like a child to them. Forty-two percent said they would compare their pet to a good friend.

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