FDA Warns Asthma Sufferers About Medicated Shampoo

pet shampoo ingredientThe FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine has issued a warning to pet owners with asthma to be careful with a pet care product called Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo, manufactured by Sogeval Laboratories.

The FDA is currently investigating two incidents in March in which two asthmatic members of the same family suffered asthma attacks while bathing a dog with the shampoo. The first incident, involving a woman with severe asthma, resulted in her death. The second incident occurred a few days later and involved another family member with asthma who suffered a mild attack while shampooing the same dog with the same product.

Pet owners with asthma or other respiratory conditions should consider consulting a doctor before using the product, according to the FDA.

Per Clinician's Brief:

Certain veterinary products, including shampoos such as Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo, are classified by the FDA as "unapproved animal drug products," an action taken to "ensure availability of some essential animal drug products."

This discretionary classification indicates that the FDA has not yet undertaken evaluation of products within this class because of its limited resources but that it wishes to ensure that these products "remain available for addressing the health needs of animals."

The FDA is continuing its investigation into the reported incidents. Sogeval Laboratories maintains the product in question is within specifications and is aware of no other similar events among consumers using the shampoo.

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