Which Americans are Most Concerned About the Health of Their Pets?

pet's health concernA company that manufactures a supplement to treat pet arthritis and joint pain has discovered the largest number of pet obesity-related customer service calls they received in a six month period -- over 30 percent -- came from new parents.

These new moms and dads admitted their dogs are getting extra calories from food dropped from the baby's high-chair. They also acknowledged they aren't paying adequate attention to their pet's food portions, and also their dogs aren't getting as much exercise as they did before the baby arrived.

According to Veterinary Practice News, quoting the arthritis product's manufacturer:

"Through the research and our discussions with veterinarian experts, new parents tend to let down their guard when watching their dogs' diet because their focus is clearly on addressing their new baby."

As the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) recently reported, 20 percent of U.S. dogs and cats are considered obese. Not just overweight, but obese.

It's important to remember that just a few additional pounds on the relatively small frame of your dog or cat can add considerable stress to joints, leading to pain and degenerative diseases like arthritis.

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