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Telltale Signs of Aging - How to Keep Your Pet More Youthful...

hearing and vision loss on petsJust as with humans, companion animals show signs of age as they get up in years.

You may notice your dog getting up more slowly after a nap. Your kitty may not jump up on high surfaces as often as she used to. Your pet may startle when you come up behind him.

As they grow older, pets encounter problems getting around, decreases in eyesight and hearing and other age-related changes.

No matter your pet's age, you should discuss any behavioral or physical changes you notice with your veterinarian first, to rule out an underlying condition.

If it turns out the problems are a natural result of getting older, don't despair. There are many, many things you can do as a pet owner to help your senior dog or cat adjust to the changes brought on by aging and continue to enjoy an excellent quality of life.

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