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Top 10 U.S. Pet-Friendly Colleges

pet friendly schoolsU.S. News & World Report, known for its rankings of colleges in a variety of categories, has added a new brand one: most pet-friendly schools.

Among the top 10 are Eckerd College and Stetson University in Florida and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The full list:

  1. Case Western Reserve University
  2. Eckerd College
  3. Lehigh University
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. Principia College
  6. Stephens College
  7. Stetson University
  8. Sweet Briar College
  9. University of Notre Dame
  10. Washington and Jefferson College

Pet friendly schools have a variety of different rules and policies for on-campus pet housing. Some schools only allow small pets in cages, like hamsters or rabbits. Others allow cats and dogs under a certain weight, fish, birds, snakes and other exotic pets. Some schools have no weight limit on pets and Stephens College in Missouri even has a Doggie Daycare.

Most pet-friendly institutions reserve a certain dorm or a few dorms for students with pets, and most limit the number of pets per room to one. Some schools only allow dogs or cats in fraternity or sorority houses.

Sweet Briar College in Virginia allows students who are members of the riding program to bring their horses from home – boarding stables are available.

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