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Fipronil: The EPA Calls this Pest Treatment Ingredient a "Possible" Carcinogen

carcinogens on dog productsThis summer, U.S. veterinarians will begin prescribing a brand new spot-on flea and tick preventive from Novartis Animal Health.

The product for dogs is called Parastar and the cat product is EasySpot. The active ingredient in these products is fipronil, an adult flea insecticide.

Per Veterinary Practice News:

"The Novartis family of parasiticides is defined by best-in-class medicine, so Parastar and EasySpot fit perfectly," says Jason Drake, DVM, director of professional services at Novartis.

"Together with the heartworm preventive medicine that veterinarians choose most for their own dogs and the only systemic flea product with an insect growth regulator, the proven power of fipronil found in Parastar and EasySpot is a natural addition to the family."

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