Los Angeles Bans Sale of Puppy Mill Pets

puppy mill pets banOn June 8, the L.A. City Council voted unanimously to ban the sale of pets bred in ‘mills.’ The legislation included the results of a 2010 survey that showed many of the retail stores in L.A. were selling mill-bred live animals.

It is now up to the L.A. Department of Animal Services, the city attorney and the LAPD to recommend new policies to regulate pets bred in puppy and kitten mills to the Board of Animal Services Commissioners and the City Council.

The policies will include banning the sale of mill-bred dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits, as well as prohibiting mill operations within Los Angeles city limits. The motion also calls for L.A. Animal Services to work with pet stores to feature shelter animals available for adoption. In addition, pet stores with high standards for the humane treatment of pets will be visibly identified.

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