Easing Feline Stress and Anxiety During Vet Visits

reduce feline stress during vet visitsWith cat owners still reluctant to bring unenthusiastic kitties for routine vet visits, two groups have collaborated to develop a set of guidelines to help make trips to the vet less stressful.

The new guidelines created by experts in the field of feline medicine and behavior, have been endorsed by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

The purpose of the guidelines is three-fold:

  • To alleviate the stress cats feel during vet visits
  • To alleviate the fear cat owners have of bringing their pet for a checkup
  • To make visits safer for veterinary staff

Per dvm360:

"Veterinarians can help create a better environment for cats at their practices by managing odors that could make cats unsettled, using synthetic feline facial pheromone analog diffusers or sprays, minimizing visual and auditory input and limiting access to resident cats at the clinic, if any, when patients exhibiting stress are brought into the hospital."

Another suggestion is to set up different times of day for dog and cat appointments, keeping most kitty visits to a time of day when the clinic is quietest.