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This Raw Pet Food Trend is Worse than Cheap Processed Food...

raw pet foodAccording to The New York Times and PetfoodIndustry.com, some pet owners are now visiting their local butcher shops to buy grass-fed and locally raised meat for the family dog.

In fact, the trend is growing quickly enough that some farms, butchers and other retailers of fresh meats are offering cuts of meat and bones specifically for pets.

Fresh meat retailers are interested in promoting the sustainability of local and family farms. From a philosophical as well as a profitability standpoint, they want to use everything possible from the bodies of food animals.

Per PetfoodIndustry.com:

Dickson's Farmstand [a NY retailer of meats for pets] offers an array of animal parts, such as blood from hearts, tongues and livers as well as slabs of New York strip. Some of the meat trimmings are also ground up into sausage.

The drawback? Cost.

Dickson's charges $10 for a 1.5 pound package of dog food. At another NY fresh meat retailer, a 2-ounce package of ready-to-eat dog food is $4.