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Last Chance for Planet Earth? Harnessing the Love of the Human-Animal Bond

Story at-a-glance -

  • Dr. Allen Schoen talks with Dr. Becker about the development of Kindred Spirits Project, his interactive website.
  • The Kindred Spirits Project is a platform for animal lovers across the world to unite and transform the unconditional love they have for their animal companions into compassionate action to help improve the quality of life of all beings.
  • The challenge for Dr. Schoen in developing the project was to capture esoteric thoughts, ideas, concepts and theories and lay them down in such a way that they not only provide information, but also invite interactive participation with visitors to the website.

This is the conclusion of Dr. Karen Becker's two-part interview with Dr. Allen Schoen, a preeminent teacher and author in the realm of holistic healing and integrative veterinary medicine.

By Dr. Becker

In part 1 of my interview with Dr. Schoen, we discussed his background, how I came to know of him and be inspired by him, and our beginnings as veterinarians.

We talked at length about how Dr. Schoen gradually transitioned his practice from traditional vet medicine toward a holistic, integrative model.

We also discussed the inspiration for his books, Love, Miracles and Animal Healing and Kindred Spirits.

Today we're taking a closer look at the concept of kindred spirits and Dr. Schoen's latest project, an interactive website.

The Concept Behind Dr. Schoen's Kindred Spirits Project

Dr. Schoen explains that since childhood, he has been aware of the power of the unconditional love humans are able to feel for other species – how open the heart becomes with that special connection. He has always felt that if the power of the human-animal bond could be harnessed, and if people could come together in an awareness of that bond, it would bring about a profound healing for the planet.

Dr. Schoen points out that in recent years, many things have shifted around the world, and very quickly. We've experienced an acceleration of economic, social and environmental disasters.

In his journey toward answering the question, 'What is ultimate healing,' Dr. Schoen realized that what needs to happen is we must find a way to harness the unconditional love that humans feel for their animals into a powerful, unifying energetic force to heal the planet on every level.

With that thought in mind, Dr. Schoen developed the Kindred Spirits Project, which has a goal of bringing together the latest discoveries in biology, quantum physics, mind-body medicine, consciousness studies, animal behavior studies, and other areas.

Dr. Schoen sees this newest endeavor as a way to empower animal lovers to exert a positive, practical effort toward shifting the consciousness of everyone on the planet. He feels this is the only way things can change for the better in our world today – through a shift in consciousness.

This shift in consciousness Dr. Schoen talks about happens one creature at a time – one person at a time – one relationship at a time. By creating the Kindred Spirits website, Dr. Schoen is providing a platform for understanding the concepts we're discussing here.

I personally believe we're all born with an intrinsic understanding of our bond with the earth and all the creatures that inhabit it. Of course, anyone who has owned an animal or has been in relationship with any living creatures, from bugs to birds to other humans, knows there's energy created through that relationship.

Dr. Schoen's Kindred Spirits website, I think, is designed to serve as a vehicle to harness the energy created by the human-animal bond and other relationships among earth's inhabitants to improve the overall well-being of the planet.

It's a fabulous endeavor.

From Conception to Website

I asked Dr. Schoen to explain how he took the often hard-to-explain concept of shifting consciousness, with all it entails, into a website format.

Dr. Schoen explains it was a fascinating journey that started as a question without an answer. And while it was a complex problem to solve, he felt doing anything less would be as fruitless as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. He had lots of input from people who told him, 'Do this' or 'Do that.' But he knew 'this' and 'that' wasn't quite it. Meantime, his clients were all asking him what he was up to.

This past June, Dr. Schoen's clients threw a 're-creation' party for him at a restaurant. He gave a 45-minute PowerPoint presentation on his vision for how to help transform the planet.

So that was one step in the process of developing the website.

Dr. Schoen then came to realize he needed to take quiet time to allow his ideas and concepts to take a more recognizable form. And of course, the universe delivered the opportunity. He decided to take a sabbatical at his cabin up in British Columbia. His plan was to just take some time to be in the mountains by himself, quiet in meditation.

Coincidentally, Dr. Schoen had also just decided to stop doing chiropractic work with horses – something he'd been doing over 20 years. And right away his own back went out!

So he's up in his cabin in the mountains. It's raining and storming much of the time, and he's forced to lie flat on his back for three weeks. With literally no choice in the matter, Dr. Schoen honored the decision his body made to be still. And by quieting his mind, body and soul, he was able to figure out how he needed to channel his ideas into a website. He asked the questions he needed to ask, and created the silence to listen and really hear the answers.

Dr. Schoen admits he's tech-challenged. He's blessed with a tech-savvy nephew, however, who happened to have the time needed to create the site based on his input.

The Kindred Spirits Project

I hope all of you listening and reading here today will visit the Kindred Spirits Project website. It's really fabulous and has something for everyone. There is something for every point along your journey – whether you're heartbroken over the loss of an animal, or inspired by something and interested in sharing your inspiration. You can ask questions or give answers, or both. The website has a little something for everyone.

Kindred Spirits Project also has sections on:

  • The human-animal bond
  • Mind-body medicine
  • Veterinary medicine and integrative veterinary medicine
  • Complementary alternative medicine and integrative acupuncture
  • Quantum physics

Beyond providing information, Dr. Schoen's goal is also to encourage visitors to express the inner knowing we all have about relationships and creating unconditional love through our relationships. The website is a vehicle to express those thoughts and ideas. The goal is to make it very interactive. The site is still in its infancy, but over time, visitors will see the unfolding of a whole interactive platform.

Dr. Schoen has developed what he calls the Trans-species Field Theory, which you can read about at the Kindred Spirits Project website. It's based on science and involves a measurable electromagnetic field that is generated by the hearts of animals, including humans.

Anywhere people and animals interact, a field of heart energy is generated. Dr. Schoen believes the one thing we have power over is the impact our thoughts have on our heart energy field, and how it in turn impacts others.

And that electromagnetic field of heart energy can bring about remarkable healing for individuals and for the world. A shift in consciousness comes through love, communication, building relationships. I think it's just fantastic that Dr. Schoen has created a website that discusses these concepts – thinks about them, talks about them, and allows visitors to participate.

The website address is

My Thanks to Dr. Schoen

I want to thank Dr. Allen Schoen for his graciousness in sitting for this interview with me. I'm very excited about his Kindred Spirits Project and I can't wait to talk to him again as he travels on his new interactive website journey.

Dr. Schoen's hope for us all is that we play a role in transforming the world into a more compassionate place for all living things.