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My Top 20 Pet-Pleasing Gift Ideas

My Top 20 Pet-Pleasing Gift Ideas

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  • If a beloved canine or kitty is on your gift-giving list this year, you’re not alone. Well over half of U.S. pet owners will buy presents for their furry companions this holiday season.
  • Regardless of the amount you plan to spend, there are gifts that make sense for your dog or cat, and there are gifts that will be torn to shreds and in the garbage by noon on December 25th.
  • No matter your budget, with a little planning and effort, it’s possible to find the perfect present for your pet … one that will nurture body and mind (or both), and be resilient enough to withstand the test of time.

By Dr. Becker

According to a recent AP-Petside.com poll, well over half of U.S. pet owners have included Fido or Fluffy on their gift-giving list this year.

Toys are the most popular gifts, followed by edible treats, pet clothing, grooming products, bedding and a new leash or collar.

Pet owners say they plan to spend an average of $46 on goodies for the four-legged members of the family this holiday season.

Not to be a Scrooge about the thing, but there are great gifts for pets, and so-so ones.

The following are gifts that fall into the first category, and ones I would consider buying for my own furry gang.

10 Pet Gift Ideas under $25

How about a toy rated the 'world's best dog ball' by industry experts? … $6.95 to $16.45

For those of you owned by a cat -- Da Bird. Need I say more? … $6.99

A personalized dog collar embroidered with your dog's name or the word 'REWARD' and your phone number … $19.95

An organic catnip candy cane … $7.75

A treat-release puzzle toy that will challenge your dog and keep boredom at bay … $14.97 to $16.97

A cat DVD to entertain and enrich your kitty's environment … $19.99

A bone for your pooch to gnaw on that will help keep his teeth and gums healthy at the same time … $14.97 to $22.07

For your favorite inquisitive cat, her own feline puzzle toy … $22.39

For trips in the car, a dog car harness can help keep your pet safe and driving distractions to a minimum … $16.99 and up

An interactive laser toy ensures your indoor-only cat gets some much-needed exercise … $19.95

10 Pet Gift Ideas under $50

For kitties who prefer moving water to that still, stale stuff in their bowl, a drinking fountain (I recommend either stainless steel or ceramic) … $42.23

For dogs who suffer from storm phobia or other forms of anxiety, the Thundershirt … $39.95

An ingenious, multi-purpose toy your kitty can hide, sleep and play in … $39.99

Hands down one of the best-tasting, nutritious, all-natural high protein dog treats on the market … 3-pack for $39.97

Is it time for a new cat tree and condo combo for your favorite feline? … $38.95

For chilly nights, for senior dogs, or for any dog who needs healing warmth to feel her best, a dog bed warmer for use with any type of pet bed … $29.95 to $39.95

Kitties love curling up in warm beds, too … $38.78 to $48.75

Challenge your dog's mental and physical dexterity with a Nina Ottosson-designed interactive toy … $33.99

Put together a package of high protein treats and dehydrated raw cat food and start your kitty off on the right foot nutritionally in the New Year … $8.50 to $41.50

On hot summer days, or when you take your canine companion along on camping trips, picnics or to the beach, make sure to bring along your pet's very own raised bed with cooling system … $34.95 to $49.95

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