30 Truly Strange Pet Names from the Hilarious to the Hair-Raising

30 Truly Strange Pet Names from the Hilarious to the Hair-Raising

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  • As pet ownership increases, dog and cat parents are getting ever more creative in naming their furry charges. So much so, in fact, that annual lists of the wackiest, silliest, funniest pet names are becoming very popular.
  • Many unusual pet names are truly inspired, while others are just plain goofy. We’ve compiled a list of 15 dog and 15 cat names that capture both ends of the spectrum.
  • We’ve also listed the most popular dog and cat names for 2011 for those who prefer not to go too crazy when naming a pet.

By Dr. Becker

Like most veterinarians, I have clients who are truly, shall we say, creative when it comes to naming their pets.

My wonderful Natural Pet staff and I often laugh for days after we've had a visit from Sergeant Sausage, the dachshund … or Prudence Prissypants, the Himalayan.

Since I don't dare share some of the stranger names of my own patients (HIPAA privacy laws and all), I asked my team to keep their eyes and ears open and create a list of wacky, unique pet names I could share with my Mercola Healthy Pets readers.

So without further ado, here are 30 truly off the wall pet names. Some will have you laughing hysterically ... others will leave you wondering, "What in the world …?"

30 Truly Unique and Clever Pet Names

Dogs Cats
Sir Freaks-a-Lot Bluecifer
Doogie Schnauzer MD Reverend Phatty
Tinkle Bell Edward Scissorpaws
Rush Limbark Pounce de Leon
Dee-Oh-Gee (D.O.G.) Velcro
Brad Pit Clawed Monet
MeToo Eartha Kitty
Drama Mama Lady Deathstrike
Beagle Lugosi Ocelotaspots
Dr. Love Sir Lix-a-Lot
Al Poochino Chairman Meow
Bon Jo Flea Absolutely Not
Admiral Toot Poopurr
Fluffyfenders Platter Puss
Too Fancy for You Tenacious C

Most Popular Pet Names

If you have a new furry addition to the family who needs a name, and you've decided against any of the ones above (a decision your new pet will certainly be thankful for), here is a list of the most popular dog and cat names for 2011.

Dogs Cats
Male Female Male Female
Max Bella Max Bella
Buddy Daisy Oliver Lucy
Charlie Lucy Charlie Kitty
Rocky Molly Tiger Chloe
Cooper Chloe Smokey Sophie
Bentley Sophie Jack Lily
Bear Sadie Milo Luna
Duke Lola Simba Lilly
Jack Maggie Tigger Callie
Buster Bailey Kitty Daisy

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