Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to Heal Pets

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to Heal Pets

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  • The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, was developed for people as a healing method that uses the body’s energy system to achieve positive results.
  • EFT for animals uses precisely the same technique, but it doesn’t involve tapping on your pet. It involves ‘proxy tapping’ after you’ve connected your energy system with your pet’s.
  • The wonderful thing about proxy tapping is you can do it from anywhere – you don’t even have to be in the same room with the animal you’re working on. You can use it with wildlife and other people’s pets.
  • EFT for animals is essentially a 3-step process: tuning in, the set up, and tapping. Tapping involves starting and ending with the heart center, and tapping 14 specific points in between.
  • EFT is a harmless, natural, non-invasive therapy to help animals heal, but it should be used in conjunction with – not in place of – routine veterinary wellness exams.

By Dr. Becker

The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, was originally developed for people.

It's a healing method that operates on the body's energy system rather than on the body itself.

Unlike massage or acupressure therapy which involves applying a certain amount of force to certain areas of the body, EFT uses a light tapping or touching technique.

The goal of tapping is to send healing energy pulses from the fingers and hands to the body's energy system.

EFT also involves using intention and focus to direct healing energy to the problem being worked on.

"Energy flows where attention goes."

This is a fundamental concept in energy work.

For an extremely comprehensive introduction to EFT for people, visit Dr. Mercola's EFT website.

EFT for Animals

Contrary to what most people assume when they first hear about EFT for pets, the technique doesn't involve tapping on the animal being worked on.

Animals have a meridian system, of course, but many of the points on the system are located in spots where pets don't like to be touched. What's amazing about animal EFT is that you tap on yourself to make positive changes in your pet.

The technique is called proxy tapping, and you can do it from anywhere. You don't even have to be in the same room with the animal you're working on, which of course makes it possible to work on wildlife, pets that don't belong to you, and a wide variety of animals that are rarely handled by humans.

The proxy tapping technique is simple to learn, and once you know it, you can apply it with any animal with any sort of problem. You don't have to study the physiology of the animal to be successful – you only need to learn the tapping technique.

How Proxy Tapping is Effective

According to, the use of proxy tapping as a healing tool was actually discovered by a new mother with a premature baby. Mom was sitting at her tiny son's incubator, unable to touch him, and feeling helpless and distraught. She began tapping on herself while focusing on her baby's condition, and amazingly, the child began to improve.

Since then, people all over the world have successfully made changes in others by establishing an energy system connection and tapping on themselves. Now, this may sound preposterous to you. But keep in mind EFT creates healing through energy systems, which is difficult for the mind (especially minds conditioned by traditional Western medicine) to grasp. The tapping itself isn't what heals – it simply opens the door, or 'primes the pump' to allow healing to take place.

When you perform EFT to help a pet, obviously, the one focusing attention is you, and you direct it toward the animal you're working on. As soon as you do, your energy system connects with your pet's energy system. It's the connection of the two energy systems that allows you to make changes in your pet or other animal without actually handling him.

The focus of your attention must be on the specific problem with your pet you're working to solve, whether it's a physical illness, an undesirable behavior, a depressed emotional state, or some other issue.

With the connection of the two energy systems established, when you tap on yourself and change your system, you simultaneously change the animal's system through that connection.

How It Works

The EFT process is essentially in three steps:

  • Tuning in
  • Setting up
  • Tapping

Tuning in involves thinking about your pet and the specific problem – physical, emotional, behavioral -- you want to affect.

When you're fully tuned into the specific issue you want to work on, the set up step involves coming up with a simple phrase or sentence that describes the problem very clearly in your mind. It should be a straightforward statement – something along the lines of, "Buddy is feeling depressed," or "Bella is constantly scratching her ear."

Once you're tuned in and have your set-up phrase very present in your mind, you can begin tapping.

Tapping follows a sequence that starts at point 0, the heart center. (This is also where each tapping round finishes.)

Place both hands flat at the center of your chest in the Heart Healing Position. Take three deep breaths, say your set up statement, and tap in the following sequence:

1 Top of the Head (highest point on the top of your head
2 Third Eye (the center of your forehead)
3 Start of the Eyebrow (above the bridge of the nose)
4 Corner of the Eye (bone at the corner of eye)
5 Under the Eye (bone below the eye, in line with the pupil)
6 Under the Nose (below nose, above upper lip)
7 Under the Mouth (below lower lip, above chin)
8 Under the Collarbone (meeting point of collar and breastbones)
9 Thumb (side of thumb in line with nail bed)
10 Index Finger (side of finger, in line with nail bed)
11 Middle Finger (side of finger, in line with nail bed)
12 Ring Finger (side of finger, in line with nail bed)
13 Little Finger (side of finger, in line with nail bed)
14 Karate Chop Point (side of hand, in line with life line)


Return to point 0 (the heart center), place hands in the Heart Healing Position and take three deep breaths to finish the tapping round.

Don't Focus on the Activity of Tapping

I want to repeat a point I made earlier about how EFT works. It works using energy, which isn't a concrete concept to most of us. While it's true you are using certain parts of your body to touch other parts of your body, the touching/tapping is simply the vehicle for energy exchange.

This isn't the greatest analogy, but think of a time when you gassed up your vehicle. You can't get fuel from the pump into your gas tank without the hose attached to the pump. The hose is a necessary part of the process, but it's not the focus. The exchange of fuel from the pump to your gas tank is the focus. Once the gas tank is full, the hose has done its job transferring energy from the pump to your vehicle. How the hose 'performed' is unimportant as long as it served its purpose in transferring the fuel. The 'hose' when you're practicing EFT is the finger you're tapping with.

My point is, don't get overly focused on the physical activity of tapping – how hard to tap or how fast to tap. It's not so much about how you're tapping. It's about tapping with awareness. Focus on the contact between your fingertip and each point as you tap – this will help direct energy from your hands to your body.

Tap All the Way Through to Joyfulness

Don't stop tapping at the point where the problem you're working on seems to have receded. There's more work to be done!

From EFT for Animals:

When you tap EFT for an animal, let the feelings be your guide.

You can feel in your own body when the energy flow starts to improve.

In all modern energy work, it is extremely important to not just "tap the bad feelings away" but to keep tapping further rounds until you feel energized, happy, even joyful.

Once you can feel the pain or the problem has gone, think of positive energy forms you want to send to the animal and tap on those instead - love, courage, joy, strength, health all are good energies to send to the animal you're tapping on.

Keep going until you really feel energy tingling in your own body and you KNOW you did a good job because you can FEEL that you did.

I think this is a very important point to make. Although we may start out saying "Indie doesn't feel well" as our tapping statement, we can shift to a more positive statement such as "Indie will feel very well in her body."

You can find case studies, success stories and testimonials about EFT for animals here at Little Big Cat and at the Animal EFT website.

A Final Word on EFT for Animals

EFT for animals is a completely harmless, natural, non-invasive therapy that has proved beneficial in dealing with a wide range of issues in all kinds of animals. However, it should never take the place of regular veterinary wellness exams, or vet checkups when a pet is showing signs of pain, illness or behavioral changes.

EFT can be used in conjunction with veterinary treatment and behavior modification, but it should not be considered a replacement for other therapies.

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