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A Happy Ending for Two Lucky Dogs

A Happy Ending for Two Lucky Dogs

Story at-a-glance -

  • Two homeless dogs in Ireland were hours from being euthanized when they were rescued and ultimately adopted by a family in England.
  • These talented girls went on to win big-time agility honors at the annual Crufts event – the world’s largest dog show.
  • Gertie “Lust for Life” Rumsey and her adopted sis, Winnie “Hairy Havoc” Rumsey showed their incredible competitive spirit and heart as they blasted through their agility events and took home 4th and 2nd place, respectively.

By Dr. Becker

Two homeless dogs in Ireland who were just a few breaths away from being euthanized were rescued.

That's the good news.

The amazing news is these same two dogs went on to win agility events at Crufts, the world's largest dog show.

On Borrowed Time

In Ireland, a dog surrendered to a pound has just 24 hours to be adopted by a new owner before it is euthanized.

Stray dogs get five days to live as they wait to be reclaimed by their families.

Needless to say, lots of dogs are killed at pounds in Ireland, especially since many are "closed" facilities that don't allow rescue organizations to take dogs destined for euthanasia.

Fortunately, an Irish organization called A Dog's Life was allowed to enter the Dunboyne pound in County Meath to rescue the two pups, who were then adopted by a family in York, England.

Gertie and Winnie

Gertie, a collie mix, was born at the pound in 2007 when her pregnant mother was left there. After her rescue and adoption, she went on to place 4th in the Young Kennel Club Agility Competition at Crufts. Gertie's show name: Lust for Life.

Winnie was a stray turned into the same pound in 2008. She's a gray-haired lurcher (similar to a greyhound). Winnie took 2nd place in the Crufts Kennel Club ABC Dog Agility Competition. Winnie's show name: Hairy Havoc.

The agility events required the formerly homeless canine competitors to jump, negotiate steep surfaces, weave through obstacles and walk on a balance beam.

Gertie's time trial begins at 9:52

Winnie's time trial begins at 4:40

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