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10 Steps to a Housetrained Dog

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  • The first rule of housetraining any puppy or dog is: never leave your little guy or gal unattended. Consider crate training. Despite how many people feel about “caging” their pet, crates actually work with a dog’s natural instinct to be a den dweller. And that’s only one of the benefits of crate training.
  • Consistent feeding times are very important during housetraining and even afterwards. It’s much easier to predict when your dog needs to go outside if he eats at specific times each day.
  • Another rule of housetraining: reward and reinforce good behavior, and do not punish your pet for mistakes. If your dog goes potty indoors, consider it your mistake – not hers. The goal of housetraining is to set your pet up for success. She can’t be successful without your consistent and patient guidance.