Escaped Parakeet Arranges His Own Ride Home

Escaped Parakeet Arranges His Own Ride Home

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  • There are a number of ways to help pet birds find their way back home, but this method is one of the most resourceful!

By Dr. Becker

If you happen to be the owner of a talking bird, here’s an ingenious way to help identify him if he ever, heaven forbid, flies the coop.

Lost Parakeet Tells Authorities His Address

A 64 year-old woman living in Sagamihara, a city near Tokyo, once lost a beloved parakeet when it flew away, never to be seen again.

So when the woman decided to get another bird, she wanted to insure her new pet wouldn’t suffer a similar fate.

Unfortunately, history repeated itself and bird number two escaped from the woman’s home on a recent Sunday morning. Eventually he landed on the shoulder of a guest at a nearby hotel.

The hotel guest arranged to have the stray parakeet handed over to the north Sagamihara police station. The police kept the very quiet bird at the station all day Monday and Tuesday while they attempted to locate his owner.

Tuesday evening, without warning, the bird spoke up and gave the name of the city and district where his owner’s house is located. And as three stunned officers looked on, the suddenly chatty parakeet went on to give them the block and street number of his home.

The bird also said, “You’re pretty, Piko-chan.”

On Wednesday, Piko-chan the parakeet was reunited with his happy owner.

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