Now You Can Help Homeless Pets While You’re Shopping Online

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  • Just about a year ago, a website called was launched to tap into the existing Internet economy and redirect some of the revenue generated to help animals.
  • When online shoppers visit the site, in a matter of seconds they can select the shelter of their choice and start shopping at any one of nearly 500 retailers, including, Petsmart, eBay, and others.
  • Over 700 animal charities in 48 states have registered with the site. So if you shop online, consider making your first stop so a small percentage of your purchase price can go to help homeless pets.

By Dr. Becker

If you're interested in helping shelter pets and you also shop online, I've discovered a way for you to do both things simultaneously.

There's a website I just found out about that donates to the shelter(s) of your choice each time you buy something from any of nearly 500 participating merchants.

Check Out

The home page asks you to select a shelter either by location or shelter name. As soon as you do, you're ready to shop.

Shopping categories include:

Books & Magazines Diet & Fitness Pet & Vet
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry Electronics Sports & Outdoors
Computer & Office Health & Beauty Tools & Auto
Dating & Entertainment Home & Garden Travel
Department Stores Music, Games & Movies Web & Online Tools


The list of some of the most popular online shopping sites and donation amounts includes: 0.5 – 7.5%
Petsmart 4%
Walmart 0.5 – 2%
Old Navy 0.5 – 2% 1.5 – 2.5%
eBay 0.03 – 0.11% 0.5 – 3.5%
zazzle 1%

The Way It Works

The service is free to shelters, animal-related causes, and everyone who shops online through the service. According to their FAQ, AdoptAShelter™ is simply tapping into the existing Internet economy and redirecting some of the revenue generated to help animals.

When you shop through at one of their retail merchants, Adopt-A-Shelter™ is paid a commission. Adopt-A-Shelter™ directs 100 percent of the donation displayed on directly to the shelter or organization of your choice.

And it is no more expensive to shop through the site than if you shopped at the online merchant's site directly. The prices, customer service and discounts are exactly the same.

2012 Donations to Date

If you'd like to see how much money has been donated to shelters this year, you can visit's donation page.

The donation amounts aren't large… but every little bit counts for homeless pets. And the more people who shop through, the faster the donations will grow.

Since the launch August 2011, over 700 animal charities in 48 states have registered with the site.

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