Phat Daddy? Kitty Gaga?… Goofiest Pet Names for 2012

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  • Many if not most pet owners stick with popular, common names for their dog or cat. And then there are those new pet parents who really put their imaginations to work creating names for their four-legged family members.

By Dr. Becker

Pet healthcare insurer VPI Pet Insurance recently published their picks for the wackiest dog and cat names of 2012.

“Chew Barka” took top honors for dog names, and “Pico de Gato” topped the list of creative kitty names.

Top 25 Wackiest Dog and Cat Names for 2012

Dog Names
Cat Names
1.    Chew Barka 1.    Pico de Gato
2.    Nigel Nosewhistle 2.    Dingleberry
3.   Sir Maui Sengkey Schwykle 3.    Dumpster Kitty
4.    Spark Pug 4.    Schnickelfritz
5.    Agent 99 5.    Koobenfarben
6.    Stinker Belle 6.    Sassy Pants Huska
7.    Vienna Sausage 7.     Vincent Van Furrball
8.     Furnace Hills Dante 8.     Kitty Gaga
9.    Senorita Margarita 9.     Beefra
10.   Trigonometry 10.   Mister Bigglesworth
11.   Spunky Brewster 11.   Cuddles McCracken
12.   Captain Awesome 12.   Slim Pickens
13.   Peanut Von Strudel 13.   Magnificat
14.   Raising A. Ruckus 14.   My Girl Catastrophe
15.   Flash T. Trousers 15.   Friar McFergus
16.   Vito Meatball 16.   Mr. Chubsy Buttons
17.   Marcopolo 17.   Fergus McGillicuddy
18.   Otto Itchy Bobo 18.   Captain Skittlehook
19.   Tugboat O'Malley 19.   Haircool Pawrow
20.   Ziggy Stardust Floyd 20.   Bean Bag
21.   Fudge McDreamy 21.   Mr. Moss McCheeks
22.   Dandy Lion 22.   Brown Cactus
23.   Phat Daddy 23.   Tempurra
24.   Pawly D 24.   Sugar Britches
25.   Nacho Cheese 25.   Tiger Blood


For the rest of the list and pictures of some of the pets and their stories, visit VPI Pet Insurance.

If you need help naming a new pet in your life, here are some fun sites to check out:

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