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One Dozen Totally Useful Holiday Gifts for Pets

Gifts for Pets

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  • If you’re shopping for a four-legged family member this year, Dr. Becker offers some uniquely useful gift ideas for the dog or cat in your life.

By Dr. Becker

If you’re wondering what to get your fuzzy family member for Christmas, I have a few suggestions for gifts for the pets on your shopping list this holiday season.

Gift Ideas for Dogs

  • If your dog rides in your vehicle for short or long trips, help him stay safe with a travel seat for small breeds or a safety harness for larger breeds.
  • A wonderful opportunity for any dog is participation in an obedience, K9 nose work or other course where she can learn something new, socialize with other dogs, and spend time with her best friend (you). Gift certificates for a class are a wonderful idea.
  • If you have an older canine companion with joint or mobility problems, the gift of chiropractic treatments, medical massage or aquatherapy sessions can help your senior pet get around more comfortably.
  • A doggy treadmill makes a wonderful gift for not only pets who need to drop a few pounds, but also dogs that don’t get regular outdoor exercise.

Gift Ideas for Cats

  • A simple, effective way to enrich your cat’s environment is with a comfy window perch where she can watch the world go by.
  • Many cats don’t show much interest in still water in a water bowl. If yours is one, consider purchasing a drinking fountain – many kitties will happily drink more water if it’s moving.
  • If your cat needs more exercise (and most cats do), consider making your own obstacle course to entice your kitty to engage in at-home agility events.
  • Consider buying or constructing an outdoor enclosure for your kitty so when warmer weather arrives, she can enjoy the great outdoors safely. Your enclosure can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. If you’re really industrious, you can build it yourself. Or visit here for a list of companies that sell enclosures of all kinds.

Ideas for Both Dogs and Cats

  • Stainless steel food and water bowls.
  • A Thundershirt for a dog with thunderstorm or noise phobia … or a kitty who gets stressed on car rides or during vet visits.

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